Thank goodness for people like Francis Brennan who called out Joe Biden for making a false claim about President Trump.

Biden forcefully claimed today was the first time the president had spoken out to condemn white supremacy. It’s a lie.

This is similar to Harry Reid making the false claim that Mitt Romney never paid his taxes. When Reid was asked why he lied about Romney’s taxes he said: “he didn’t get elected did he?”

He’s counting on most Americans to believe him and not investigate his lie. Biden is going out telling falsehoods where he knows he won’t get fact-checked…CNN

The video below shows the clips of President Trump’s condemnation of white supremacy dating back to 2016.

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Joe Biden just claimed on CNN, that today was the first time he had ever heard President Trump condemn white supremacy. THAT IS FALSE. Here are MULTIPLE examples of President Trump condemning white supremacy, going back to 2016.

Either Biden’s aides are clueless or lazy for not filling him in on this. Also, Biden has been known to pull this political trick in the past. He’ll tell a flat-out lie about something or someone and then get called out on it. He knows that the damage is done by the time he makes a retraction. he’s been at this for 40+ years so he knows all the political tricks in the book. It’s sickening and another reason not to vote for this slick career politician.


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