When the Joe Biden regime announced to the world that there would be a withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan at the end of August, he set up the collapse of the Afghan National Army and the takeover of Kabul. More about this “strategy” in a video below where Sean Parnell describes the difference between the Trump planned withdrawal and the Biden plan.

Remember just weeks ago that Biden promised there wouldn’t be a takeover by the Taliban…

It’s a serious time where thousands of our US troops are being sent back into harm’s way to fix the mess that Biden caused. What’s Biden doing right now? He’s spending a long weekend at Camp David. He has no public appearances for 5 days.

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While Sleepy Joe is napping at Camp David, the Taliban is gathering millions of dollars in US military equipment like Blackhawk helicopters and weapons (photos below).

A weapons goldmine…

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Large cache of US weapons:

Hundreds of trucks just given up to the Taliban…

Daily Mail reports one Taliban commander taunted the US: “We will enter Kabul like a roaring lion soon, God willing, hopefully within this month and wrap up the American puppets who are already in a state of fear. Their silence on our triumphs in the south and west speaks for itself, and they are hiding like cowards.”

Fighting between the Taliban and  Afghan security rages on (photo below), but there are reports of the Taliban being close to Kabul.

The Taliban has recovered Blackhawk helicopters:

M17 helicopters and Russian-made helicopters…

Trump’s plan vs. Biden’s plan – The difference in the plans for withdrawal tells us about why Biden’s plan has caused chaos and invasion.


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