During a speech today in Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden absolved China of coronavirus but attacked President Trump saying, “all pain and suffering” is Trump’s fault. Biden must have forgotten who began and then spread the coronavirus without telling anyone. Biden must have forgotten that he called Trump a xenophobe when the president closed our border to China. Biden and Democrats are hoping the American people don’t recall the timeline where Democrats Bill de Blasio and  Nancy Pelosi were visiting Chinatown to promote visiting the area in spite of the coronavirus.

When Asked About Chinese Election Interference, Biden Laughs and takes a swipe at Trump’s intel leaders:

As much as Biden wants to discount the facts about coronavirus, Americans know that it all began with China and President Trump did everything he could to stop the virus.

It’s no secret that Biden has a long history with China and is going to do everything he can to protect that relationship. He is a danger because of his compromised position involving his son’s business interests in China.

Last year, Biden said China is no threat to America. This was before the outbreak of the coronavirus. It looks like Biden is still protecting China.

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