Joe Biden’s press conference today was a hot mess…as usual.

He began by pulling out a pre-approved list of reporters to call on.

He had a pre-approved list of who to call on and pre-approved questions, but he STILL can’t answer without cheat sheets. He’s reading from notes given to him about Afghanistan like they were just handed to him moments before.

When asked about Governor Andrew Cuomo resigning, he said, “he’s done a hell of a job,” job and that’s why it’s so sad. Where has Biden been? Well, he had been hiding in his basement last year, so maybe that’s his excuse for not knowing that Cuomo caused the deaths of 15k people by putting covid-positive people in nursing homes.

CNN’s Caitlin Collins came back at Biden:

Watch Biden pull out his list of reporters to call on:

He then had to rely heavily on notes to read from to answer questions from the pre-approved reporters.

Biden began to walk away when a reporter asked again about Governor Cuomo. Biden was visibly irritated and snapped at reporters:

“I’m Not Going To Comment Anymore On Andrew Cuomo”

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