Joe Biden is on a streak today and it’s not a good one. Listen to him below as he greets a crowd and says to one guy that he knows he won’t win the election. The entire video is strange because his Secret Service protection is aggressive and may have been alarmed that he walked over to stand close to the crowd. Biden slowly walks away and is given a pat on the back by a woman who claps as he leaves.

Joe Biden was told, “You don’t have a chance Joe” in Duluth Mn. September 18th. His answer, “Probably not”. Please watch and share. The Media does not want you to see this video!! Lets get this mainstream….

Biden really just admitted this on live TV:

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“You voted for Obama and I and then an awful lot of people in this county changed and they voted for Trump last time. I know many of you were frustrated, angry, you believed you weren’t being seen represented or heard. I get it.”

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Is this the craziest campaign ever?

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