We have a POTUS who doesn’t know how to follow basic directions when walking. He’s been known to wander around until his handlers corral him back on the right path.

The latest example is a doozy. It’s when Biden arrived back at the White House today after several days in Delaware:

Joe Biden showed up to work at 1:15 PM on a Tuesday and couldn’t follow the most basic directions from the United States Secret Service on where to walk.

Look at the agent in the rear; he stops thinking Biden is going to take a right on the designated path.

Joke’s on him.

We’re with this guy:

The video below is from JP, who nails the outrageousness of Biden’s comments and actions.  It is well worth the time to watch JP use witty satire to skewer Biden and the evil people “running” him.

JP writes: “In this video, I am offering advice and coaching for the people who are running Biden. Though they are obviously already doing a phenomenal job, This expert consultation will empower them to do an even better job of running the President of the United States.”

“Tell Uncle Joe to pick up his feet as he walks up the steps.”

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