Does the woman in the video below look familiar? She should! She’s Gina McCarthy, another Obama retread who is as far-left as they come.

McCarthy is now Biden’s ‘Climate Advisor’ who told a CNN audience during a climate town hall that under Biden’s Green New Deal, energy workers need a “different education.” Remember that during the 2020 campaign, Biden said coal miners would need to be retrained? Former EPA administrator McCarthy is following Biden’s campaign promise by doubling down on reeducating coal miners. When will this happen? We bet she’s as clueless as Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry, who arrogantly claimed just days ago that the loss of energy jobs is an “opportunity.”

It’s easy for Democrats to spout off far-left policies while flying on their private jets like John Kerry continues to do. These are people’s lives they are playing with when they destroy jobs in the energy industry. What would Gina McCarthy have these workers do until they can find a “different education”? It’s obvious Democrats don’t care about the thousands of energy workers they plan on devastating. Not one bit.

Joe Biden’s climate czar John Kerry called the destruction of energy jobs that are “going to happen now” an “opportunity” during a White House press briefing.

Is he saying it’s okay for working families to lose their jobs and suffer?

John Kerry is so out of touch with reality and so arrogant telling Americans it’s ok to lose your job because it’s now an “opportunity.”

Kerry’s big lie about places like Lowell, MA, is that those things changed through innovation and market forces, not because Biden radicals decided that a particular industry needed to go.

Listen to a pipeline worker who is still looking for a job:

“I lost probably 60 to 80 grand not being able to go on that job…If I’m not off working, I’m barely scraping by. I got two kids I have to support.”

This is what happens when leftist radicals with an agenda are elected. With the stroke of a pen, Biden destroyed jobs.

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