The first move by Antifa in 2021 is to vandalize about a dozen businesses in downtown Portland. Joe Biden never stood against these domestic terrorists. He only called them  “just an idea”…

Biden’s “idea” just ripped apart the lives of numerous Americans in Portland. From small businesses to Chase Bank and Starbucks, the domestic terrorists ransacked and vandalized to bring in the New Year. Brendan Gutenschwager captured the moment with several videos.

A Starbucks is ransacked in downtown Portland during tonight’s anti-police, anti-capitalism New Years Eve demonstration:

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A small business is vandalized:

After numerous businesses were vandalized, the police finally move in:

During a presidential debate, Joe Biden called Antifa an “idea.” He couldn’t be more wrong about this group that President trump just designated as a domestic terrorist group.

The video below shows the comment from Biden and then clips of Antifa violence:

The Project Veritas video below is undercover showing training of Antifa terrorists:

President Trump made this comment tonight during his rally in Minnesota:


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