Charlie Kirk and Christian Walker guested on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures on Fox, today.

There, they discussed Biden trying to secure a legacy as the most progressive president in history–beyond even Obama or FDR–as he invites historians to the Whitehouse to discuss the topic.

Biden has signed 37 executive orders in just over 2 months in office, “surpassing even FDR during The Great Depression”

“He wants to be known as Woodrow Wilson, or FDR or LBJ,” said Kirk.  His goal, they said, was to change America forever on a radical progressive trajectory.

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“Joe Biden is governing completely inconsistently with how he ran” during the general election, as a healer and moderate…He is pandering to the ruling class of Harvard Yale and Princeton”

Kirk also emphatically noted that Biden wants to be much further left than Obama in order to outdo him.

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“He wants to prove to Obama that ‘I can do what you couldn’t do when pandering'” to the extremist radical globalists and leftists of the Democrat party and of the world.

But it was the follow-up comment by Bartiromo that was most telling in the conversation, suggesting that she knows that Biden and Obama speak constantly and that, perhaps they are working together.

“Biden’s on the phone all the time with Obama.  I hear he’s running things from behind the scenes.”

Here is the full clip, below from The Gateway Pundit.

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