If Biden’s six new Executive Orders on guns didn’t frighten Americans enough, the nominee for the ATF opinions on guns are even more frightening.

The video below from 2018 is of Buck Sexton questioning Biden’s current ATF nominee on if the government should regulate the AR just like a machine gun. The nominee is an anti-gun zealot who has been involved with anti-gun organizations in the past.

Transcript and video below of the exchange between Chipman and Sexton:

BUCK SEXTON: The AR is the AR rifle platform and telling people they have to turn it in.

CHIPMAN: What I support is treating them just like machine guns

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BUCK: So that’s a yes, right. I mean, you have to get a special, very special, and hard to get federalists the government does not. Very few people have machine guns.

CHIPMAN: Well, right now, millions of firearms registered under the national firearms act have been lawfully owned by Americans since the 1930s. To me, if you want to have a weapon of war, the same gun that was issued to me as a member of ATF SWAT team, it makes sense that you would have to pass a background check. The gun would have to be in your name, and there would be a picture and fingerprints on file. Like, to me, I don’t mind doing that if I want to buy a gun. These policies just protect the criminal like I don’t think you should be able to anonymously purchase 20 AR-15s at one time, and the government should know.

BUCK: So, the AR is the most popular semi-automatic rifle in the country. So the people that have ARs would have to get government permission to continue to own it and or give it in.

CHIPMAN: Yeah, the same government permission, which is a background check. I mean, I think when you say government permission, we have to be clear what that is. The same permission, I guess, I have to go through when I buy a gun which is just to prove you’re not a criminal. So yeah, if that’s what you’re calling permission, I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all that you have to pass a passive background check to own a way to get it fully automatic it’s you have to pay a big fee what’s and then to go through a federal background check to get 200. It’s the same fee that was charged in 1930

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