This incident took place on the same night as the McKinney pool incident. Of course, this is likely the first time you’ve heard of this story as it doesn’t fit the narrative of the left and the leftist media…

A white family was viciously attacked last Friday night in Florence, Alabama by a group of between twenty and thirty Black teens who yelled, “Get that white!” according to one of the victims.

MANS FACEFace of Kevin Dawes shows swelling from a broken facial bone and black eye after being attacked by a Black mob in Florence, Alabama on June 5, 2015. Screen image via WHNT-TV.

“According to the victim’s wife, who witnessed the attack, the group “was using slurs of race” while tasing her husband and beating him.

““Randomly, they just him me in the back of the head,” said 14-year-old Brandon Dawes. “I didn’t think nothing of it at first because, well, I thought maybe somebody tripped or something.””


Juli Dawes, the wife of Kevin Dawes, told WHNT in a videotaped interview about the attackers assaulting her husband.

“They’re screaming you know, yeah, ‘get that white!,’ you know and Tasing him and laughing and taunting.”

Both Kevin and Juli Dawes described the mob as a “wall of people” in separate interviews with WHNT.

The mob first attacked fourteen year-old Brandon Dawes from behind, then swarmed the father as he tried to protect his son—savagely beating and Tasing Kevin Dawes–and then smashed the windows on the family’s van as the wife and the couple’s four-year old boy cowered inside.

The sound of sirens from approaching police cars responding to the mother’s 911 call caused the mob to break off the attack and flee, according to the Times Daily.

The father, Kevin Dawes, was beaten so severely he has a broken facial bone, a black eye and burn marks from being hit with a Taser seven times.

Even though the family states racial slurs were used during the attack, Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler told WHNT the attack has not been classified as a hate crime.

“Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler said they are not ready to identify the assault as a hate crime, or say that it was gang related.

““We are considering all angles,” said Chief Tyler. “There are no set of circumstances that would ever justify an unprovoked attack by a group of thugs, and we will not allow any group to hijack the family friendly First Fridays event.”

“Investigators do not have any people of interest yet in this case.”

Several days after the race mob attack, the FBI held a two-day seminar in Florence to teach “appropriate decision making” to Southeastern area police supervisors, according to the Florence Police Department Facebook page.

“Florence Mayor Mickey Haddock welcomes Police Supervisors for throughout the Southeast to Florence. FPD, UNA (University of North Alabama), and the FBI are hosting a two day training class on Police Supervision. The class is designed to prepare first line supervisors for ethical and appropriate decision making in a changing world. Thank you Mayor for opening today’s session.”

The race mob attack in Florence by Black teenagers took place the same night as the now world famous pool party incident in McKinney, Texas where only feelings were hurt but allegations of racism drove the story to international coverage.

Meanwhile a real racial attack has been ignored by the national media a week after it took place.

The local media in Alabama is not ignoring the story. WAFF-TV aired an interview on Thursday with the family about the attack.

WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL

Via: Gateway Pundit

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