Have you seen this video on any of the mainstream media outlets? If you haven’t…why not?

Incredible! Here is the real face of Islam: “F*ck America. And I will make sure we bomb America. First of all, they have lesbians and gays, this is not allowed…and I will bomb America. Wait and see. This not my time, it’s god’s time, and he’s going to tear the shit out of all of you. You will see. And that’s what we do, we bomb people.”  

In a remarkable video which happened on June 14, but didn’t get picked up by media, you see a woman stopped by police, let go, make threats, then be arrested again. It was shot by Tony Vera, a freelance journalist who covers breaking news out of the LA area and happened to be there at the airport.

The woman apparently was stopped initially by the police, handcuffed and searched. Why is unclear. You see the police on the phone, then she is let go, while they smile and wave goodbye to her.

She then walks by and talks to Vera, who asks her what happened. In a multi-minute rant to Vera, with the threat starting ~6:38, she says, “None of you is going to have a safe sleep. I will make sure we bomb”. She repeats again, “Fuck America, I will make sure we bomb America”.

The muslim woman has her belongings check by airport police. After she has her belonging searched, she begins to walk away, apparently going towards her gate in the airport. Watch at the 6:10 mark where she begins her rant with the reporter:


After that, Vera reported her comments to the authorities, and this time she is arrested for real at the check-in counter.

However, no MSM or even local media appear to have the picked up the story, apart from Vera. Via: Weasel Zippers



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