Black-Owned restaurants in Portland are being trashed during the nightly rioting with Antifa, and one restaurant owner has a message for the domestic terrorist group.

The manager of a local restaurant speaks in the first video, but it’s Terrance Moses who really lets Antifa have it by telling them to “Stop this nonsense!”

Jonathan barwood, manager of a local business, says there wasn’t major damage to business, but protestors did take the tables and chairs that were outside.

Terrance Moses, says these are black-owned businesses and the destruction from these protestors doesn’t support Black Lives Matter:

“Stop this nonsense!”

Hopefully, Mr. Moses won’t be targeted now that he’s spoken out about how these riots don’t solve anything.


The violence was on day 72 last night, and it was evident that this is not ending anytime soon without the National Guard coming back in:

A fire was started as arsonists torched the precinct, and an unlawful assembly was declared:

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