The national media is ignoring an incident that happened today at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. Americans should see what our media refuses to report. Yes, they’ll saturate the news when a couple in St. Louis armed themselves to protect their home, but they won’t report on the story below:

Stone Mountain, Georgia, was the location today of a gathering of Black Panther militants marching in a show of power on the 4th of July.

Screaming “black power” as they marched, the group even questioned people who were entering the Stone Mountain Park (video below).

They call themselves the NFAC (Not F***ing Around Coalition).

Black Panther militants have organized and began marching near Stone Mountain, Georgia, screaming “Black power”.

Another video taken a few hours ago in Stone Mountain, Georgia. They call themselves the NFAC (Not Fucking Around Coalition).

They also took it upon themselves to stop vehicles and question white people.

The large group numbered in the hundreds and marched raising fists:

A resident of Stone Mountain commented on the marching Black Panther crowd:

Are they baiting for armed conflict? Black Panthers came out in large groups in Stone Mountain, GA, and Seattle, WA.


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