But it wasn’t my boy’s fault…

Orlando, Florida police officer William Anderson was seriously injured by a teen driver who ran over the cop as the officer was conducting a traffic stop.

The car had stopped and the officer was at the driver side, gun drawn, as there had been a report in the area of shots fired. A passenger jumped out from the other side. As the officer ran around the front of the car to pursue the fleeing teen, the driver gunned his engine and hit the officer with the car. The officer fired several shots at the car as he was flung on and off the hood of the car, according to dash-cam video released by Orlando police. The driver was wounded in the arm by the officer’s gunfire.

The mothers of two of the teens said they filed excessive force complaints against the officer, reported WFTV-TV.

“One of Anderson’s shots hit Kelty in the arm, and his mother had questions about the traffic stop.”

”If it was a routine traffic stop, why did he shoot my son?” Kelty’s mother asked.”

“Kelty’s mother and the mother of a passenger told Channel 9 they had filed an excessive force complaint against Anderson. One of the mothers said the boys fled because they were scared.”

Anderson was transferred to a special care hospital in Gainesville on Thursday. Orlando’s police chief said Anderson may never recover, reported WESH-TV.

Orlando police Chief John Mina said Anderson, an eight-year veteran, may never fully recover from his injuries.

“He’s in and out (of consciousness). He’s been sedated, but he’s been talking with us, talking with doctors and nurses. But right now, he is pretty heavily sedated for the trip up there,” Mina said.

“The car that struck Anderson was found burned in Gotha, police said.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Officer Anderson’s family. He is married and has an 18-month-old daughter suffering from a seizure disorder.officer william andersen

Orlando Police Officer William Anderson and family. Photo, GoFundMe page.

On Tuesday, the Orlando Police Department posted the officer’s dash-cam video of the incident from Monday on YouTube with the following description:


“This dash camera video from Officer William Anderson’s patrol car shows the moments early Monday on July 13, 2015, when he was run over by a suspect fleeing a traffic stop.

“Officer Anderson was working off-duty and conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Kirkman and Vineland roads at about 2:45 am Monday. As Officer Anderson was approaching the driver’s side of the vehicle, the passenger bailed from the car and ran.

“As Officer Anderson moved around the car to pursue the fleeing passenger, the driver accelerated and struck the officer who fired his weapon. Within seconds, other officers were on scene to render aid. Officer Anderson was injured and admitted to the hospital for treatment.

“The driver and passenger are both still at large. We do not have any suspect description.

“Please be aware that there are no differences in an officer’s responsibilities when they are conducting off duty assignments.”

The Orlando Police later published mugshots and descriptions of the three teens arrested along with a description of the incident.

“Due to Officer Anderson’s injuries detectives have been unable to interview him in depth about the incident. However, through radio transmissions and his dash camera we have determined on the morning of the incident, an Officer reported gun fire in the area of Kirkman Road and Vineland Road where several vehicles were observed leaving the area. Officer Anderson was requested to assist. We know through Officer Anderson’s dash camera and radio transmissions, he exited out of the Mcdonald’s(sic) parking lot with his emergency lights activated and conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was seen leaving the area where shots were fired. The dash camera video documents the remaining traffic incident.”

In addition to Edward Kelty, those arrested were:


Angel Nieves, 17, charged with Tampering w/Evidence.

WFTV reported on Nieves’ alleged role:alfonza

“Nieves drove Kelty to the hospital and allegedly took the car to remove evidence. Authorities said he removed a cover from the steering wheel that had some blood on it, because he believed it had his fingerprints on it.
Authorities said Nieves cooperated in the investigation, placing Kelty behind the wheel.”


Edward Kelty, 17, was charged with Attempted 2nd Degree Murder on a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Officer With Violence. Photo, Orlando, Florida Police.

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