The tide is turning and the Democrats are losing passionate black voters to Donald Trump. Minorities are watching jobs and benefits  going to foreigners that should be going to Americans first. This kind of rhetoric doesn’t bode well for the Democrat party.

“We taking back America. We taking back America. I stand for him [Trump]. They (illegal aliens and refugees)  We don’t got no jobs.We got babies too. I got a little girl. I can’t hardly support her. No,no, no. But the foreigners driving around in new cars. They’ve got the jobs.” 

“Obama has failed us. It’s time for someone to make a stand.”

“Obama has let me down. I voted for him twice and he broke my heart.”

“We need Donald Trump. Obama has failed. He let us down. We don’t have nobody fighting for us. We gotta fight for Obama…I mean for Donald Trump…not no damn Obama.  I’m sick of him [Obama]. I got tricked. I got bamboozled…twice. Not gonna do it to me anymore, because Donald Trump’s the man.”

“He’s [Trump] gonna take care of our veterans. He’s gonna take care of our military. He’s gonna take care of our babies.”

“They talk about ‘black and white?'” That’s a lie! We built this country together. I love blacks too. Of course I’m with blacks. But I gotta keep it real. I’m an American…not no terrorist. Obama won’t even call them ‘terrorists.’ If you fly a plane into a building. If you blow yourself up and the American people…you are a terrorist!” White little babies and black little babies don’t have food to eat, but you [Obama] gives away $150 billion!”


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