The BLM mob is still unhappy after Columbus, Ohio police released the body cam video clearly showing a police officer saved the life of one young black teen as she was being attacked with a large knife by another teen.

Video shows Makiyah Bryant with a knife attacking several people on the front lawn of a house when a police officer arrived. He quickly shot the teen as she was attacking another teen in pink.

The graphic video below shows exactly what happened. Instead of this quick-thinking officer being hailed as a hero for stopping the rampage, he has been demonized.

Black Lives Matter quickly began a protest spinning the truth when it’s obvious that the officer was right to shoot.

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One screenshot of the attack right before the officer shot the teen:

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Black Lives Matter needs a new “victim,” and they found one just moments after the George Floyd verdict was read. They protested in Columbus and across the country even though this officer saved the life of a young black teen and possibly more people.

This has nothing to do with getting to the truth and everything to do with politics and the far-left agenda of BLM and Antifa.

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