Democrats and Joe Biden were silent for months. They called the riots “peaceful protests,” but when polls showed Americans weren’t supporting the riots, the Democrats suddenly spoke up to weakly call for a stop to the chaos. What the left has unleashed on America is spreading to more cities and even to neighborhoods. Examples below from several different cities are frightening because these thugs are coming into peaceful neighborhoods to harass people. This will not end well for BLM/Antifa.

 A BLM mob in San Diego is assaulting random people in residential neighborhoods.

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A mob in Seattle came to residential neighborhoods harassing homeowners:

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The mob went to Mike Solan’s home last night. He is President of the Seattle Police Officers Guild. This is part of a trend by BLM/Antifa to go to the home of a politician or police officer and harass the neighborhood and the family.

The LAPD Chief’s home was the target of the thugs:

Media in Sacramento, California attacked by Antifa/BLM and forced to stay behind the thugs:

“They don’t want the revolution to be televised.”

Democrats are making Republican voters every time they do this.

People walking down the street in DC last night minding their own business are attacked:

Americans don’t like their peaceful neighborhoods disturbed by agitators.

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