We ain’t asking no more white lady, we demanding at this point, We aren’t asking, we’re done asking, f’ing shit we’re demanding it now.

On Sunday a group of BLM activists blocked a car that Minneapolis City Council Member Andrea Jenkins was a passenger in and wouldn’t allow her to leave until she signed a paper with handwritten demands on it. The racist mob addressed her white female driver as “white lady” and “errand girl”, as they demanded Ms. Jenkins sign a statement saying that charges against alleged rioters would be dropped.

The mainstream media had this to say: (insert crickets here).

Why don’t you just sit back in your little seat, and do your job and drive, the spokesperson for the angry mob said while preventing the pair from leaving.

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Twitter users responded to the thuggery, This would never hold up in court. Clearly, she signed under pressure, but then again anything goes in these liberal cities.

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