A crowd of patriotic Blue Lives Matter supporters marched at a rally in Brooklyn’s Dyker Heights today (video below). There was also a rally on Staten Island today.

The rally in Brooklyn began at 11:00 a.m. and was at 13th Avenue ad Bay Ridge Avenue in Dyker Heights. All was going well until a few dozen anti-cop protesters showed up right before 11, where tempers flared.


The Brooklyn crowd of Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter supporters clashed with shoving, pushing and shouting.

A pro-cop supporter yelled to a BLM supporter: “You want to destroy America! You are f—ing Communists. Go to Venezuela.”

The New York Post interviewed  Army vet Lou Gentile who traveled to the rally from Staten Island in a three-bus caravan:

“I had to be here to defend my police…defend them and to show that I’m in total support of them.”

Photo below of an anti-cop protester yelling at the NYPD during the Blue Lives Matter rally in Brooklyn:

There were no arrests at the rally.

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