Video footage captured a Lufthansa Airlines Boeing 747 experiencing a ‘rough landing’ on a flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to Los Angeles.

The German-based airline confirmed the incident.

In the video, the plane bounces off the runway while attempting to land.


During a livestream captured by Airline Videos Live, a commentator said it was the “roughest landing” they ever captured on their broadcast.


FOX Business reports:

The Boeing 747-8 was caught on camera Tuesday by LA-based Airline Videos Live, bouncing off the runway and attempting to land again before taking off, circling around the airport and then finally landing safely after its second attempt.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” the video’s commentator said. “That is the roughest landing I think we have ever caught on our broadcast. Holy moly.”

Flight LH 456 had 326 passengers and 19 crew members on board during what was referred to as a “training flight,” a statement provided to FOX 11 Los Angeles said.

The airline said no one was injured in the incident.


The airline said the plane later flew back to Frankfurt following “an assessment by the cockpit crew, a consultation with the technical department on site and in Frankfurt and an initial visual inspection,” where it will undergo further inspection. Lufthansa did not specify if the plane flew back empty or had passengers on board.

Airline Videos Live captures planes as they take off and land at LAX Airport. The livestream was created in 2019 by Los Angeles TV News photojournalist Kevin Ray, according to the YouTube channel account description.

The incident follows a wheel falling off a Boeing 737 during takeoff in South Africa, prompting an emergency landing.

Wheel Falls Off Boeing 737 During Takeoff, Forcing Emergency Landing [VIDEO]

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