All across America, there are reports of illegals being dropped off to be taken care of, and the leaders had no knowledge or weren’t asked about this drop-off. Two videos below show border town mayors who are shocked by this move from the feds.

Gila Bend, Arizona Mayor Chris Riggs, declares a State of Emergency after border patrol dropped illegals in his town. He told Neil Cavuto that  he doesn’t have the resources for this sudden influx of people:

“We do not have the resources to handle all these people being dropped in on us…we need help…I don’t really hear from any of the administration.”

The Del Rio, Texas Mayor Bruno Lozano is fed up with Biden’s open borders too:

Our government is putting illegals before legal citizens.


Word got out that the feds planned to drop off illegals in Montana, and leaders there refused to accept them:

“Not if I can help it.” That’s how Montana’s Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) responded to a news report from the Washington Post over the weekend that says the Biden Administration is considering sending large groups of illegal aliens to northern border states like Montana. The governor and attorney general also weighed in to refuse the influx of illegals.

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