We live in an upside-down world…

A change in policy about invocations at borough meetings may have been a big mistake for the Kenai Peninsula Borough, but they didn’t have a choice.

The new change opened the door for a member of a Satanic Temple in Alaska to offer the invocation at the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting.

The Satanic invocation (video below) caused walkouts from over one dozen attendees and borough officials…even the mayor!  The video below begins after the walkout protest but includes the invocation. There was also a protest outside the building of about 40 people who are against the Satanic Temple.

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Peninsula Clarion: reports that the invocation was the first given by the Satanic Temple since the borough changed its invocation policy in November. The new policy allows for anyone in the borough to offer an invocation, no matter their religion. The change in policy came after the Alaska Superior Court found the former policy unconstitutional and in violation of the state’s constitution’s establishment clause.

In her invocation, Iris Fontana, a member of the Satanic Temple and the prevailing plaintiff in the lawsuit against the borough, called the room to be present, and for attendees to clear their minds. She asked listeners to embrace the impulse to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil…

“Let us demand that humans be judged for their actions,” she said.

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