Brave and Beautiful Queen Rania of Jordan steps up to tell Muslims to fight back against ISIS. This is huge! She’s risking her life because now she’ll definitely be a target for ISIS. Queen Rania and many other Muslims are outraged at the takeover of the ancient city of Palmyra. ISIS has a history of destroying ancient buildings and artifacts so the fear is that Palmyra could be next…

Queen Rania of Jordan today called on Muslims around the world to take a stand against Islamic State and its ‘attacks against civilisation’.
The 44-year-old royal, who is one of the most influential women in the Arab World, spoke out as ISIS threatened to destroy the Unesco World Heritage site at Palmyra, in Syria, after over-running forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad. Unesco said the destruction of the ancient buildings and artifacts at Palmyra would be ‘an enormous loss to humanity’. World leaders like President Francois Hollande of France have called for direct action to save them.

‘I absolutely agree with that,’ said the Queen, who was attending the World Economic Forum at the Dead Sea Resort in Sweimeh.
In March, ISIS infamously destroyed antiquities in the ancient Iraqi city of Dur Sharrukin, near Mosul, in Iraq, in their bid to ‘erase the history of humanity’. Rania said: ‘We are custodians of such treasures, and we should not stand by idly while important cultural artefacts are being destroyed.
‘This is heart-breaking, the same thing happened in Iraq – this is the heritage of the world and humanity, and we all have a responsibility to preserve those sites.
‘We have a great deal to lose if we don’t confront this menace – it’s a menace which transcends boundaries.’
The Queen said the war against ISIS must be led by Muslims and Arabs, with the support of the international community.

Sickening Photo Below: A picture sent by activists to a Western journalist showed a row of men in a street in Palmyra — known locally by its Arabic name Tadmur — lying in a pool of blood. At least four had been decapitated

She insisted that the message of peace and reconciliation which underpins Islam was being manipulated by the murderous terrorists of IS, who now control vast swathes of Iraq and Syria.
‘There is no one correct answer to identify the causes of this extremism, but the wrong answer is to blame religion,’ said Rania.
‘It is nothing to do with religion. It’s the antithesis of religion. Groups like ISIS are not motivated by faith, they are driven by materialistic gains – by greed, by power, and by the search for influence.
‘Theirs is a divisive strategy – one aimed at spreading fear and distrust. They resort to scare tactics to separate people, that’s the main thrust of how they operate.
We have a great deal to lose if we don’t confront this menace – it’s a menace which transcends boundaries.
‘And that’s how they recruit. They polarise the world, so as to influence vulnerable and disillusioned young people.
‘We must not fall for it, and we must insist on inter-faith dialogue, on cross-cultural exchanges, to destroy their strategy of fear.’
The Queen said it was crucial to counter IS’s horrific propaganda campaign on the worldwide web.
She said: ‘The biggest irony is that groups like IS use modern tools such as social media to propagate medieval messages.
‘It took groups like al-Qaeda many years to come to the fore, but groups like IS use modern technology to reach prominence more quickly.
‘Extremism has always existed, but at the periphery. But with the integrated nature of our world, groups like IS can have much bigger reach… the media amplifies their extremism.’

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