The video below explains why the violent thugs who continue rioting feel encouraged to keep doing what they’re doing.

Two women in their 70’s decided to confront the Portland rioters who were vandalizing the local police precinct, and they both were treated horribly by the crowd. The video below showing the women trying to stop the vandalism shows the rioters ignoring the women and even throwing paint.

The women were interviewed by the local media:

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The women are sympathetic to the cause but have no clue what BLM really has become. People like these women don’t have an understanding of what’s going on and that these people are anarchists who want to destroy America. They are a great example of why cities like Portland and Seattle are being destroyed with no resistance from the people who live there. These two women should press charges and should read up on who BLM has become since its inception. They are clueless and aren’t putting two and two together.

At least they tried.

Someone should ask where the men are who could help these women stop this destruction. Where are the other citizens who are 100% FED Up with this behavior in their neighborhood?

Wake Up America!

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