Florida government official is serious about the BBQ aroma infraction.LOL!

The environmental laws are creeping into our everyday normal activities like grilling out.

Big government is way out of control!

Don’t believe it’s out of hand yet? Well here’s yet another case of environazi regulations gone crazy:

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Once our homes were our castles. Now they are the government’s. Not even the most trivial details of how we make use of our own property escapes bureaucratic regulation in the name of the environment. For example:

Cobb County [Georgia] is telling a Kennesaw family to apply for permission to park their kids’ cars in their own driveway.

The Oviedo family got a notice of violation for having four cars in the driveway. The family has relatives visiting and two kids home from college. …

They got a visit Friday from code enforcement, acting on an anonymous complaint. The neighborhood is zoned an Open Space Community. A recent rule changed, and enacted a limit of two cars parked in the drive. …

After Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland got the county on the phone, officials decided to let the issue slide this summer, but put the family on notice next summer would require a permit to park four cars in the driveway.

“I’m having to pay to park on a property that I already pay tax on,” said [Kim] Oviedo.

But think how grateful the polar bears will be!

Cobb County’s Open Space Community zoning was “established to encourage the preservation of natural resources within residential development.” Once environazis get their heads in your tent, you have been relegated to sleeping out on the sand.
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