Ben Carson is a brilliant man whose interview with Neil Cavuto is a great example of slicing and dicing someone without being confrontational. The video below is from an interview Carson gave to Neil Cavuto of Fox Business. Cavuto tried his hardest but could not get a rise out of Carson, who calmly destroyed every argument Cavuto tossed his way. This was a master class in defusing jerks like Cavuto.

When Cavuto asked about the 2020 election results, Carlson brilliantly responded:

Cavuto: “There’s a strong plurality of Republicans, led by no less than Donald Trump himself, that thought the wrong person won the presidential election, that Donald Trump was robbed of that victory. Do you agree with that?”

Carlson: Well, I think it’s certainly worthy of investigation. What disturbs me is when people say you can’t even talk about that. It’s like you stole the cookies from the cookie jar and then you said, “***No one can talk about the cookie jar or even go near the cookie jar.”

That does raise your suspicion. I would like to see any credible things investigated so we can put it to rest once and for all.

***On a side note: Carson is telling the truth when he says no one can talk about the “cookie jar” because censorship is happening to anyone who tries to discuss election integrity. Articles are flagged and hidden in the newsfeed. Writers have taken to writing cryptic titles to keep their report from being suppressed.

Cavuto responded: “You don’t think there were enough investigations and enough calls to look into things that Republican and Democratic-appointed judges alike examined and, in more than three dozen cases, shot each and every one down?”


Carson: “That’s what they would like you to believe, but they didn’t really examine the evidence. There were only two cases in which the evidence was actually examined by the judicial system, and both of those are still active.”

“So, in your gut, Doctor, is Joe Biden, the legitimate president of the United States?” Cavuto asked.

Carson’s brilliant answer: “It doesn’t really matter what my gut says. What matters is, are we going to be open and fair about this and about elections in general?

The discussion begins at the 1:30 point in the video:

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