The evidence continuing to come out is proving what we’ve thought all along about this sham impeachment effort against President Trump.

The latest unforced error on Nancy Pelosi’s part is what she said on 60 Minutes:

Nancy Pelosi said on 60 Minutes she knew the details of the classified Ukraine call before the White House released the transcript.

This is starting to seem like a political set up.

So, Madame Speaker, “what did you know, and when did you know it?”

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The change in the whistleblower complaint form also points to a set up of Trump. The media has been trying to destroy the reputation of reporter Sean Davis of The Federalist by saying his report on the change in the form is false. He is fighting back with his latest report:

It is frightening that the media is trying to suppress the truth and they are trying to destroy Davis’ reputation.

John Brennan’s call to federal employees to come forward if they have dirt on the president is unprecedented.

This is all because the Democrats are trying to pivot attention away from their corruption during the Obama administration.

The problem is they don’t realize who they’re messing with. President Trump is a fighter!


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