Information War, 2019…

The media has been working overtime since last night to put a negative spin on the crowd reaction to President Trump’s arrival at Madison Square Garden for the UFC 244. “Trump Booed Again” was trending on Twitter today as the left and the media pile on the negative news about our president. They want to keep the negative narrative going because if they repeat the lie often enough, then people will believe it.

The Daily Mail chose a title that claimed Trump was booed by the crowd but didn’t mention in the title that there were cheers for the president from the crowd.

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There are several videos showing the arrival of the president.

You be the judge. Is this more fake news from our media?

It sounds like a positive reaction from the crowd, but the media is reporting President Trump was booed when he arrived.

Donald Trump Jr. thanked Tara LaRosa for the video showing cheers from the crowd:


Dinesh D’Souza called out the fake news media on their bias:

This video is the best of all. President Trump is respected by these tough fighters:


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