The media continues linking the favor that Trump asked for to Biden when it was to get information on the 2016 election.

Several news outlets blatantly linked the wrong two things when the Ukraine claim first came out (see below).

Charlie Kirk has to fight to get the truth out because political hack Christopher Hahn won’t let him speak.

Notice how Hahn turns the focus on Kirk and NOT on the subject at hand.

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The media has lied about what President Trump discussed with the Ukrainian President from the beginning:

Several news outlets including Fox News were reporting on the “favor” line from the Ukraine transcript but did not include that the VERY NEXT SENTENCE about wanting an investigation into meddling in the 2016 election.

All of the new outlets below are misleading their viewers.

It’s right in the transcript, but they omitted it.


CNN and then Fox News:


The lying media is driving this narrative.

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