When Fox News hired cheater Donna Brazile to be a contributor on the network, it was a sign of a turn left for the conservative news channel. Brazile was caught red-handed cheating during the 2016 election by sending debate questions to Hillary Clinton. She plays off as a folksy analyst who reaches across the aisle, but nothing could be further from the truth. She uses that folksy front to play the victim but then becomes a complete nutjob when she wants to smear Republicans. This tactic was used this morning during a discussion with Tammy Bruce about last night’s Republican convention:

What does “You do not recognize my existence” have to do with the discussion about the first night of the Republican convention?

Brazile a trying again to play the victim by pandering to the crowd that wants to continue being victims too.

Brazile recently told the RNC Chairwoman to “go to hell”:

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Fox News should dump Donna.

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