The apple didn’t fall far from the tree with Chelsea and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was one of the most unlikeable candidates in politics, and now her daughter is trying to follow in her mother’s footsteps with the same elitist attitude.

There’s nothing more offensive than a limousine liberal trying to virtue signal that they have moral superiority. It’s like the sign in the front yards across America that say, “Hate doesn’t live here” or “Be kind”…Yes, we can all agree that those phrases are great, but does putting a sign in your yard make your family any more virtuous than the neighbors?

Chelsea just announced to the world that her kids are designated as “white children of privilege,” and by gosh, she’s going to “erode” that horrible fact over time. She made the remarks during a National Women for Biden organizing call when the topic came to voting. Chelsea started off talking about absentee voting and then went off the rails discussing her “children of white privilege”:

Chelsea began talking about voting: “You know, 40% of Americans with disabilities report that they have real challenges voting in person. And so in states where there haven’t been, kind of, no-excuse absentee voting or where there hasn’t been the introduction of early voting yet, you know, it still isn’t, kind of, easy, fair or equal for many Americans to vote.”

“And I think it’s really important that my children understand that. And I think it’s particularly important that they understand that as white children of privilege because I want them to erode that privilege throughout their lives to ensure more people are enfranchised and that equality isn’t just an ideal.”

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She’s working hard to beat her mom at unlikability.

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