Low-energy Cher made an appearance in Las Vegas stumping for Joe Biden. It was a glitch-filled hot mess with technical issues. After listening to what she has to say, it’s clear that she has no clue what she’s talking about. At one point, she claims we will have “nothing” if President Trump is re-elected. She repeats the lie about healthcare and preexisting conditions. It’s a great example of why people should never listen to clueless elitists like Cher.

The best part of the appearance was when Cher tried to tell the crowd Biden’s best attribute is his honesty. Cher doesn’t know Joe. His lies and plagiarism are legend.

Watch the videos below and see the appearance by Cher that goes about as well as the Biden campaign is going right now:

“He is honest, he is truthful…” – Clueless Cher


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“We will have nothing.” – Huh?

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