Video: Chicago Mayor and Police Supt Take Swipe at State’s Attorney Kim Foxx for Not Prosecuting Criminals

By Leisa Audette | Aug 10, 2020

During a morning press conference after a night of violence and looting in downtown Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Police Superintendent Brown both appeared to take a swipe at State’s Attorney Kim Foxx for her record on releasing criminals back to the streets. Brown and Lightfoot’s comments come as the Chicago Tribune is out with a blistering reality check on Kim Foxx’s record on prosecutions.

The looting in downtown Chicago happened overnight after false information about a police-involved shooting spread on social media. Huge groups of thugs ransacked high-end stores on the Mag Mile and in the Gold Coast area of the city.

Superintendent Brown spoke this morning about how the criminals feel “emboldened” when they aren’t punished for their crimes and just released on the street to recommit crimes. He mentioned how looters were released after lootings in May and June and how they felt they could just do it again without punishment.

Mayor Lightfoot also mentioned the lax punishment by the criminal justice system:

“People believe there is no accountability in our criminal justice system… we need the prosecutors and courts to step up” -Mayor Lightfoot appears to take a swipe at Cook State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, whom she previously endorsed.

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“This is not anywhere near acceptable, and I call upon our State’s Attorney and our courts” to make sure that those arrested are held accountable “and not cycled through the system.”

Coincidentally, a video of a criminal complaining about how he’s been treated by police is on social media:

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