While Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is preoccupied with a Twitter war, the city of Chicago is in a meltdown. A protest by anarchists and agitators claiming they are Black Lives Matter was held today with the protest directed not at skyrocketing crime but at toppling the Christopher Columbus statue. Priorities…

Dakarai Turner tweeted out a video of a ‘protester’ who had been hit with a baton during the protest at the Columbus statue in Chicago today:

Didn’t get this guy’s name, but he says he was apart of the larger group near the statue when he said a Chicago Police officer hit him from behind with a baton. He was on his way to an ambulance to be treated.

Turner then got a video of a protester who called a Chicago cop a “Nazi”…The police officer answered back “I’m a Latino, you moron.”

This happened seconds later. Didn’t see the whole thing unfold, but looked like police were pushing people back onto the sidewalk and singled one person out. Another officer gets in a shouting match and gets aggressive, physical with others.

The young people taunting the police should be required to ride along with them for a few nights.

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