Wow! What in the world is Joe Biden rambling about?

He was a lifeguard and was telling stories about what happened during his time working at the pool in the summer…

Where he goes with his free-flowing monologue is frightening. He begins by discussing his leg hair and how the kids would rub it and watch it pop up. Then, out of nowhere, he says he learned all about roaches…whaaaat? He skips to a description of how the kids would sit on his lap and how he liked it:

“The kids used to come up and rub my legs. And then jump on my lap. I loved the kids jumping on my lap.”

This is just one clip from a longer video of when he told the story of “Corn Pop.” The entire video is below and it’s full of unbelievable comments from Biden.

The entire video of Joe Biden discussing his time as a lifeguard:


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