CNN’s April Ryan is always the victim and NOT a journalist. She’s a biased Democrat activist masquerading as a journalist.

The only thing she has to fight for is the last Twinkie in the Green Room.

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Jim Hanson said it best: CNN clown on Trump/Putin & danger to journalists:

“As someone who has to fight every day for survival for asking questions at the WH”

What a shameful slap to war reporters & others who face actual danger. We’re sorry made you look stupid but do shut up

Has Ryan ever met Andy Ngo? He is the bravest journalist around! He actually goes out and reports on the violent Antifa thugs. he was just beaten up today while the police officers did nothing.

THAT is the definition of survival.

Here’s what happened to Andy:

Andy Ngo is a top-notch independent journalist who’s been following the far-left, violent Antifa group through the streets of Portland for over a year, where they’ve laid claim to the streets, as police chase them around on bicycles.

Today, a massive group of leftist Antifa thugs protested on the streets of Portland, Oregon. As they marched through the streets with masks and bandanas covering their faces, they chanted, “All cops are bastards!”

They also were protesting the Proud Boys, a group of men who came together to defend Trump supporters who were being violently attacked and beaten for their political views. The media managed to label the Proud Boys as “racists” and “white supremacists” and the labels stuck. The violent, masked crowd of about 200 can be heard chanting, “No hate, no fear, Proud Boys are not welcome here!” Of course, they’re not welcome, because they’re the only group of people who had the courage to stand up to this group of violent, masked cowards.

Independent reporter, Andy Ngo, who has been chronicling the Antifa protests for the past two years by following them around and capturing their violent acts on film, became the victim of these animals today, when they caught him off guard, and like a pack of wolves, surrounded the unarmed journalist and began beating him. They stole his camera and left him lying in the street.

***Warning*** the video below is very disturbing to watch:

Ngo tweeted about being attacked by Antifa. He also tweeted that he was bleeding and that they stole his camera equipment. Ngo makes it clear that no police showed up until after he was beaten and that he was waiting for the ambulance to arrive. He also asked anyone with any evidence of the attack to please help identify the leftist thugs.

The video below shows a visibly shaken Ngo, asking Portland Police where they were when he was viciously beaten by Antifa?

Ngo later reported that he was on his way to the hospital, saying his face and head was beaten multiple time in downtown Portland, in the “middle of street” with “fists and weapons.” Ngo claims the suspects are still at large.

Andy Ngo is an independent journalist and is supported by donations. TO DONATE to Andy and help him with the important and dangerous work he does to expose the violent leftist Antifa group, go HERE.

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