Where’s the outcry from the left about the mistreatment and relentless badgering of black conservative GOP presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson?  Are we to believe by listening to CNN or MSNBC that the only thing Americans care about is gay rights? Does racism only apply to black Democrats? 

Wednesday morning on CNN’s low-rated “New Day,” co-anchor Chris Cuomo floated the idea that the rainbow Gay Pride Flag might be equivalent to the Confederate Flag by asking presidential candidate if both should come down.

“Many people are equating what the Confederate Flag stands for with the Gay Pride Flag, and saying, “Hey that flag should be taken down too because all it represents is hatred towards Christians[.]”

With Cuomo you can never tell if a particular act of intellectual dishonesty on his part is based on the fact that he’s a none-too-bright beneficiary of nepotism-privilege, or his raging left-wing biases.


In Chris Cuomo’s eternal, racist crusade to disqualify Ben Carson, the left-wing CNN anchor lied about the argument against the Gay Pride Flag. Breitbart News was the first to make this point, and in doing so made it painfully clear that we were not making an equivalence argument.


But Cuomo has proven himself time and again to be either a dimwit or a serial fabricator (Jeff Zucker’s useful idiot, so to speak), and pointing out his dishonesty is becoming the ultimate dog-bites-man story. Via: Breitbart News

Compare Chris Cuomo’s interview with Dr. Ben Carson to his exclusive interview with Barack Obama that includes tough questions about what it’s like to raise two daughters and of utmost importance to the American people…questions about his dog:


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