A slip of the tongue from a CNN reporter couldn’t be more true…

CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny referred to Joe Biden as “President-elect Joebama” during a segment with Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday.  Zeleny corrected himself after the slip combining Joe Biden’s name with Barack Obama’s name.

The slip fits perfectly because much of his staff and cabinet picks are derived from the Obama administration. This is really a third term for Obama. It’s ironic that when Biden announced his cabinet picks that include Susan Rice, he said they represent “bold new thinking.”

“President-elect Joebama…uh, Joe Biden, rather…did finish speaking here just a short time ago.”

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Obama-era cabinet members and staff are just being recycled into a Biden cabinet. Didn’t America vote against this far-left agenda in 2016?

This is another reason why we continue to fight to expose the election fraud in the 2020 election. It happened, and America knows it.

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