Kamala Harris has a history of awkward dancing, so the latest attempt isn’t surprising. It’s just that this dance was in front of a rally of about 14 people in the pouring rain in Orlando, Florida…

The Biden campaign has been playing follow the leader by copying President Trump on several campaign moves, including dancing at his rallies. The problem is that when Kamala Harris tries to dance, she’s trying too hard, and it comes off as awkward.

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When President Trump dances at his rallies to the song ‘YMCA,’ he’s funny.

Watch the video below where Harris is grinding to the music:

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President Trump is funny and going along with the crowd:


President Donald Trump made a trip to Middleton, PA for a rally in one of the battleground states in the 2020 Presidential Election. After making his final remarks, President Trump danced along to the YMCA song by Village People! (This video was captured by Rose Tennent, a radio host, and Women for Trump Organizer):


President Trump also surprised his Michigan supporters when he started to dance to the YMCA song playing at the rally.

Abigail Marone of the Trump Rapid Response Team shared the video, saying, “Trump dancing to YMCA following his speeches is seriously my favorite thing.” She added, “No one has more fun Making America Great Again than Donald Trump!”

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