The exchange below between Corey Lewandowski and Eric Swalwell is priceless.

Lewandowski testified today to the House Judiciary Committee and was asked a series of questions by Swalwell:

It begins with Lewandowski saying to Congressman Swalwell that “I’m happy to have you read it, Congressman.”

Swalwell: Why don’t you want to read it, Mr. Lewandowski?

Lewandowski: “I think you should afford me the same privilege you afforded Director Mueller.”

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Swalwell: Would you like to read it?

Lewandowski: No, you’re welcome to read it.

Swalwell then asked Lewandowski if he’s “ashamed” of the words he wrote down.

At this point, Lewandowski delivered the knockout punch. (Watch the woman in the background.)

“President Swalwell, I’m very happy with what I’ve written, but you’re welcome to read it out loud.”

Lewandowski didn’t skip a beat when he said, “I’m not ashamed of  anything my life Congressman…are you?”

The entire clown show by Democrats was only helping Republicans and President Trump.

Here’s to hoping they keep it up!


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