In the videos below, Nancy Pelosi lives up to the latest nickname President Trump has given her…”Crazy Nancy”

Pelosi motions for those listening to come closer and then makes the outrageous claim that Trump is “goading us” to impeach him. She turns the non-stop 3-year effort to damage President Trump around to say that he wants this?

The lying continues below where Pelosi swears the Democrats never wanted to impeach President Trump. The video clip shows key Democrats calling for impeachment!

Pelosi also said that “We cannot accept a second term for Donald Trump.”

Fast forward to what just happened here Pelosi stormed out of a meeting at the White House and then says it was President Trump who had a “meltdown”. There is even a photo of Pelosi standing up and pointing her finger at the president. Remind us, who had a meltdown?

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Nancy Pelosi wants everyone to believe that President Trump wants Democrats to impeach him?!

So Democrats have made up fake allegations and colluded with the media to fake an impeachment and dismiss holding a vote?!

Pelosi claimed this is not what they want…Sure!

The lying and corruption has gone on too long. Will Americans finally see the truth and vote this woman out?


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