Beloved conservative Dan Bongino just spoke at CPAC today and delivered a passionate speech. Is anyone surprised? Bongino is known for his fiery commentary, but this was an even more emotional speech. He began by saluting conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh:

“It’s not just that Rush was the best player in the game; it’s that he was the best player in the game for his entire time in radio.
…And he invented the darn game.”

He mentioned his own battle with cancer and thanked everyone for their prayers.

Bongino moved on to tell everyone to get off their knees and “get back in the fight NOW!”

Dan Bongino is a gem who is truly passionate about America.

“If we have to split this country’s economy in half because we will speak and we will not be silenced, then, damn it, we will do it in this room with the real misfits and renegades sitting in this room right now.” – Dan Bongino

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