Dan Bongino appeared on Fox & Friends to get into what he thinks of the New York Times hit piece on Justice Kavanaugh:

“The New York Times is a disgrace. This is not the paper of record, this is the paper of hot garbage. This is a conspiracy theory blog at this point. Nothing more.”

“Either the New York Times is full of colossal morons with the IQ of a rabbit, or secondly, the New York Times is deliberately trying to smear a good man because they are trying to send a message ahead of some Supreme Court case.”

While the New York Times makes the correction that the alleged victim has no recollection of Justice Kavanaugh exposing himself, the leftist media continues with the effort to discredit Justice Kavanaugh:

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This is dirty politics aided by the media in an effort to damage Justice Kavanaugh and further damage the Supreme Court.

Why bring this up at all? Could it be that Justice Ginsburg may not appear at the beginning of the Supreme Court on October 1st?

Is this an effort to threaten Justice Kavanaugh to get him to vote more to the left?


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