DC BLM and Antifa descended on people dining out (see below) and just walking on the street. For the past several hours, Drew Hernandez has been doing what mainstream journalists should be doing…he’s filming the truth of just how disgusting and violent are to random people dining out or gay men enjoying a night out in their neighborhood.

Yes, these roaming groups of thugs shouted vulgar things at people minding their own business. What BLM and Antifa don’t get i that they are creating Trump voters every time they do this…


They went to a gay neighborhood tonight and began to intimidate and harass multiple people, including a man with his puppy accusing him of “physically assaulting” them and for not wearing a mask.

The group tried to intimidate a man who pushed back on them:

DC: Tonight a gay man stood up to Antifa by saying:

“You think I’m afraid of you?”

After they trespassed his front yard and assaulted his friend.

They harassed a man trying to film them:

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