Joe Dan Gorman has a special way of using humor in his videos to get his point across about a serious topic.  He’s a Patriot who loves America and is just like so many who are concerned about our government’s sharp turn to the left. His latest ‘Intellectual Froglegs’ video is exceptional.

The video is below the message from Joe Dan:

History is repeating… including recent history. But so many of my fellow Trump Supporters didn’t start paying attention to the American political landscape until 2016—so they think this is new. It’s not.

“In addition to the parallels to the tyranny of 1776— you need only look back to 2008-2010 to see near-identical tactics and narratives (voter fraud, racism everywhere, open borders, pandemic planning, government over-reach)… not only by the left… but more importantly the duplicitous GOP. The only difference—is the left is louder and more aggressive, the destructive issues are the same.”

And let us not forget… for over 12 years now, the GOP has rejected & resisted our pleas to represent our Christian conservative values and interests. But those are not the interests of the DC GOP. Just as they undermined and sabotaged Trump after his spectacular political victories for the GOP— they did the exact thing to the Tea Party. Hope you guys enjoy the new episode. I love you guys. God bless.

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