The inaction by police officers who should have been protecting and defending the First Amendment Rights of the group who came to hear conservative speaker Ben Shapiro is shameful. I wonder how many of those police officers realize this crowd of domestic terrorists leftist thugs, given the opportunity, would be the first people to unjustly accuse them of wrong doing and/or attack them. 

Free speech is under attack in America like never before. Any views that are in opposition to views on the left are considered out of bounds and will be dealt with…

The social justice fascists protesting The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro’s event at CSULA didn’t just assault a disabled man, they also allegedly assaulted a deaf girl, and the police targeted the girl instead of the thuggish protesters.

Here is conservative speaker Ben Shapiro exposing the truth about what happened at this event:

Ashley-Anne Hobbins, a Team U.S.A. swimmer and founder and leader of three Red Cross clubs and is deaf, made the two-hour drive from Coachella Valley to see Shapiro speak after being invited by Mark Kahanding, the president of CSULA’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter, to attend. Hobbins and her father, Ben Hobbins, arrived on campus to find protesters chanting and blocking the door. Hobbins tried to move around the protesters and get to the door, but the protesters couldn’t let anyone violate their precious safe space.

“They were like, ‘Oh that’s her, she’s one of them. Stop her!'” Hobbins told The Daily Wire. “And that’s when they were linking arms and they all started pushing me, and I almost fell a couple of times, being pushed. When I was being pushed by them, I was being groped and touched inappropriately by them.”

At that point in time, Hobbins and her father were separated from each other due to the chaos that ensued, so her father was not aware at the time that this was going on.

“I might have been arrested there. If I were to have seen that, I might have done something,” Hobbins told The Daily Wire.

After being pushed around and “rag-dolled” by the protesters, Hobbins was escorted out of the area by a police officer, as can be seen in the video footage on Fox Business at the 1:36 mark. Hobbins thought the police were providing aid to her, but then she learned that the police were holding her responsible for upsetting the protesters.

“She said … I was pushing them,” said Hobbins, who is 5’5″. “But they were pushing me, I wasn’t even doing anything.”

Hobbins told the officer that she was groped and touched inappropriately by the protesters, but the officer refused to believe her and accused her of lying, and then threatened to arrest her if she didn’t leave the campus.

“I think I called her once or twice, and after 20 rings she picked up and she was crying and saying I had to come get her in the back because they were throwing her off campus,” Hobbins’s father said. “So they said she had to leave campus right away or she would be arrested on the spot.”

Hobbins lamented that she was “really bummed out” that she drove all the way to CSULA and was unable to see Shapiro speak.


“My rights were violated,” Hobbins said.

Via: Daily Wire

Here is conservative, Ben Shapiro’s speech in its entirety, courtesy of Young Americans Foundation:

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