Thank goodness Democrat Senator Tim Kaine isn’t our Vice President! What a clown!

Rush Limbaugh was even talking today about how Kaine is blaming the US and Trump for the Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia.

“We are provoking Iran every day with the sanctions and with military action, and they’re responding. We need to stop the provocation, and the United States needs to return to trying to be a diplomatic broker.”

CNN host John Berman held Kaine’s feet to the fire when Kaine tried to say that sanctions provoked the attack:

“Are you suggesting that Iran had to do this attack? When you’re saying the attack was somehow provoked, are you somehow victim-blaming here for this?”

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Even though Kaine denied he was victim-blaming, he was doing exactly that.

He blames the US and the Trump administration for actions by Iran all because we pulled out of the ridiculous Iran deal that Obama got us into.


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