The Black Lives Matter movement is clearly supported by the Democrats and even got a shout out on the first night of their convention by showing BLM images during the closing song by Pilly Porter. For anyone who hasn’t seen the video of the cringe-worthy moment, here it is in all its glory:

Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome spoke to Martha MacCallum and didn’t hold back on his hatred for America. Is this something Democrats support? Well, Joe Biden has repeatedly said he wants to “transform” America if elected.

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During his interview with MacCallum, Newsome rudely talked over the Fox News anchor to defend looters. He made the argument comparing America to “terrorists” and said the “government goes and pillages different countries.”

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum had asked Newsome to respond to Rudy Giuliani saying Black Lives Matter should be designated a domestic terrorist organization just like Antifa.

“OK, so when America goes and steals diamonds and oils, who’s calling us terrorists? When the American government goes and pillages different countries, who’s calling us terrorists?”

Newsome had previously said in June that BLM would “burn down this system if they don’t get what they want.”

This man is a danger to America and has openly called for the destruction of our nation. Is it a stretch to designate BLM as a domestic terrorist organization?


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