A Steak Fry? Really?

The ‘Climate Cultists’ have been warning everyone to cut down on beef consumption to save the planet, and they turn around and have a ‘Steak Fry’? We’re all supposed to move towards a “plant-based” diet or we’re doomed.

Isn’t it just like the Democrats to tell the masses to refrain from eating beef and then have an event centered around steak?

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Biden got in on the grilling:

The Des Moines, Iowa campaign event called a ‘Steak Fry’ was a big grill-out that featured Democrats running for president who just don’t know what to do with their supporters. Why are these candidates reduced to behaving like uncoordinated cheerleaders? Can you imagine Trump doing this?

The sign Republicans displayed at the event was spot on!

The #1 candidate for awkwardness has to be Amy Klobuchar:

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Kamala Harris also had her moment of  the obligatory dance moves:

Julian Castro got in on the dancing:

Pete Buttigieg with someone in a dinosaur costume:


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